We have developed an industry cluster with a focus on "psychotechnology" - (PsychTech cluster). Through cooperation of companies in the region of Saxony-Anhalt (in cooperation with Thuringia), supervised and coordinated by the network INNOMED e.V., psychotechnologies are developed and offered on the market. This enables the development of a completely new business field, where no expensive "high-tech" device development is necessary, but existing technology (internet, media and digital offers, small devices) is researched, tested and marketed for the new market of mental health. We follow the principle "low tech - high concept".

These new psychotech technologies not only help employees of our local clinics, but also the population and economy of Central Germany. In the Psychotech cluster, digital offerings for health promotion are screened, tested (both technically and clinically), and implemented. Technology-oriented companies in medical and health technology will find suitable business fields here. In Saxony-Anhalt, there is already a critical mass of relevant companies, such as Celloon GmbH, Hasomed GmbH, neotiv GmbH, silver seed UG, SAVIR GmbH, or Pixelmad Studios UG. In addition, several research institutions are doing research in this field such as the Leibnitz Institute of Neurbiology, DZNE, OVGU, and Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. The PsychTech cluster has a unique selling point in Germany - and Europe-wide - and benefits from a critical mass of existing research institutions that research and teaching on the topic of "mental health" in Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, a consortium of universities in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia has applied for a German Center for Mental Health (DZPG), which could be a focal point for academic research and technology transfer so new solutions reach the general population.

Synergies between existing companies are created via the Psychotech cluster and developed through new R&D projects. In particular, technology and service-based (service) business models are developed and implemented here. The very well-positioned location of Magdeburg and the Middle States of Germany with their neuroscientific, psychological and psychotherapeutic institutions and their networks in the international professional scene offers an excellent basis for technology innovation to enhance mental health of our citizens.

urrent commercial and innovation centers relevant in the field of Psychotechnology:

Celloon GmbH (www.celloon.de)
Celloon develops and commercializes mobile for the digital business solutions with project in the health and medical space.

delphi GmbH, Gesellschaft für Forschung (www.delphi.de)
delphi GmbH develops innovative health services and evolves them to clinical application, evaluates out-patient project and prepares scientific expert evaluations.

Hasomed GmbH (www.hasomed.de)
Manufacturer of evidence-based computer-supported cognitive rehabilitation techniques. With its 160 employees, Hasomed is a worldwide leader in cognitive neurorehabilitation, represented internationally with products in 20 languages. Their products will shortly be ready for world-wide launch to market. Als einziges Produkt zugelassen als Medical Device.

Neomento (www.neomento.de)
Neomento aims to solve pressing issues in the treatment of mental health problems. By combining cut-ting-edge virtual environment technology with objective physiological markers and real-time data anal-yses techniques, neomento provides a precise, personalized, time and cost-efficient therapeutic ap-proach.

neotiv GmbH (www.neotiv.com)
Entwickelt innovative kognitive Tests, die in eine digitale Plattform für flexible Forschungs- und Gesundheitslösungen eingebettet sind. Hauptanwendung für Alzheimer-Forschung und spielbasierte Online-Tests zur Früherkennung von Alzheimer.

Health- und IT-Campus GmbH & Co.KG (www.hit-campus.de) is a Health + IT Campus to serve as an Innovation Hub for medical and health technologies in the central Germany with a special focus on health psychology products.

InnoMed, Netzwerk für Medizintechnik Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. (www.innomed-sachsen-anhalt.de)
Innomed is an association which represent enterprises in the health and medical technology space lo-cated in Sachsen-Anhalt. It connect industry partners and consults them how to transfer ideas and re-search results to marketable products.

Reha-Psychologie; Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (www.h2.de)
The Reha-Psychology program teaches psychology students and participants in various research and innovation development projects in collaboration with members of engineering, economics, health-, social-, and communication science

SAVIR-GmbH (www.savir-center.com)
World leader in vision restoration technology using neuromodulation with non-invasive microcurrent stimulation. Develops, tests, and markets methods to restore vision in patients with vision loss due to visual disorders cause by nervous system damage. Neuromodulation is relevant for both ophthalmo-logical and neurological disorders

Selfapy (www.selfapy.de)
Develops and offers online-courses based on cognitive behavioral Psychotherapy.

Silver Seed games UG (www.silverseedgames.com)
Development of individualized IT-System solutions with a focus on the development of serious games for cognitive testing und training.

studio.201 software GmbH (www.studio201.de)
Webdesigner, CMS-developer and homepage-Programming of software for clinical and non-clinical studies: studioMED+ - Advanced Clinical Study Information System.

Synaptikon GmbH – Neuronation (www.neuronation.com)
Brain jogging/ brain training for „Fitness in your brain”, available in four languages.

Whatsin (www.whatsinmymeds.pro)
App development for the mining and data collection of adverse medical and psychological events in drugs and incompatibilities with allergens.

Martin-Luther-Universität HalleSpeech Science & Phonetics (www.sprechwiss.uni-halle.de)
App-development for the Rehabilitation of patients with stroke.

neuroCare (www.neurocaregroup.com/start.html)
World leader (70% international market share) in the manufacturing and sales of EEGs and neuromodu-lation technologies using non-invasive brain stimulators.