Application for cluster management medical technology 2021-23

For the term of three years, we are currently working on a concept for the management of the medical technology cluster in Saxony-Anhalt at the InnoMed e.V. office. We are working on the conception of four sub-projects with different degrees of difficulty:

_Development of a new communication strategy to motivate local companies to become more involved in R&D

_The Medical Device Regulatio (MDR) occupies a central position within the development process of medical products. It presents everyone with very great challenges and devours a lot of resources. The aim here is to develop concepts and strategies with which companies can use and structure their processes and resources more efficiently.

_A network partnership with the competency center for IT security (working title) to be established at Otto-von-Guericke University, with the aim of designing the topic of IT security in medical technology products to be developed for the entire product life cycle

_Construction of a medical technology development center around the Stimulate Campus to strengthen the innovative strength and development efficiency of medical technology companies in Saxony-Anhalt

As soon as there are more specific developments there, we will communicate with possible partners individually and then report the results. We are always open to ideas and suggestions on the above or other topics.

Healthcare Hackathon Challenge Saxony-Anhalt

Together with the Games & XR Mitteldeutschland e.V. and the Kreativwirtschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. we are working on the planning and implementation of a healthcare hackathon series for Saxony-Anhalt. With this event format, we want to develop new & creative ideas for current challenges and bring young, dynamic people together with the member and partner companies.

If there is concrete to report on, we will communicate it through all possible channels.

If you have any ideas, problems or challenges for the challenges, please pass them on to us.